2012 MAA PREP Workshop Materials | Project MOSAIC

Project MOSAIC

Modeling in Calculus: Early and Often

Materials from a 2012 MMA PREP Workshop

This is where we will post materials from our 2012 MAA PREP Workshop. Stay tuned for updates.

Monday: Introductions and Overview

Tuesday: Calculus in One Variable

Mathematics and Modeling

Block 1: Functions, Parameters, Limits

Block 2: Derivatives and Integrals

Block 3: Optimization, Least Squares, Series

Block 4: Work Block

Additional Examples

Other Resources

Wednesday: Calculus in Multiple Variables

Block 1: From Single to Multi-variable Calculus

Block 2: Polynomial Approximation and Modeling

Block 3: Optimization

Thursday: Dynamics and Differential Equations

Block 1: Differential Equations in an Introductory Course

Block 2a: Impact on the Syllabus

Block 2b: Resources–Finding, Creating, Disseminating

Block 3: Modeling in the DE Course

Block 4: Work Block

Friday: Show and Tell

Additional Resources

Resources Produced by Workshop Participants

Here are some of the topics participants worked on at the workshop.

Workshop participants, as you finish up your projects, send us a link or the sources and we'll post it here.